Shipment & returns

Shipping & Returns

 Our main Shipping courier is DHL Parcel.
Transition times can be found in the table at the bottom of this page.

When DHL does not offer the best services for your location or if you prefer to use your own shipping account, then please contact us for the possibilities.

Shipping & Returns

We also offer Express delivery and courier services to provide you with Same day Delivery for O-rings, in case your whole installation is pending on the O-rings. Additional costs will apply. Ask us how we can be of assistance in your sealing and logistic challenge. 

We ship our O-rings worldwide. With every order, you'll receive a track & trace code so you'll always be informed on the whereabouts of your package. This code can be found on your e-mail and on your account.

It is also possible to pick up the o-rings from our office. If you wish to do so, please contact us by calling (+31 38 460 1232) or e-mailing (

If you want to return an order, you can do this by logging in and starting the return process. If the amount exceeds € 150 or more, no shipping costs will be charged. The shipping costs for all countries can be found in the overview below.

CountryPriceTransit days
Algeria€ 65,002-3
Australia€ 60,003-4
Austria€ 20,001-2
Belgium€ 15,001-2
Bosnia and Herzegovina€ 55,003-5
Bulgaria€ 20,002-3
Canada€ 55,002-3
Croatia€ 15,002-3
Cyprus€ 35,002-4
Czech Republic€ 12,502-3
Denmark€ 25,001-2
Estonia€ 25,003-4
Finland€ 25,004-5
France€ 12,502-3
Germany€ 10,001-2
Hungary€ 15,002-3
Iceland€ 50,002-4
Indonesia€ 70,003-4
Ireland€ 17,503-4
Israel€ 70,003-4
Italy€ 17,503-4
Japan€ 70,003-4
Latvia€ 22,504-5
Lithuania€ 22,504-5
Luxembourg€ 15,001-2
Macedonia€ 45,004-5
Mexico€ 65,005-7
Netherlands€ 9,751-2
New Zealand€ 62,503-4
Pakistan€ 55,004-7
Peru€ 89,004-5
Poland€ 12,503-4
Portugal€ 17,504-5
Russia€ 45,004-5
Romania€ 17,504-5
Saudi Arabia€ 90,003-4
Serbia and Montenegro€ 35,002-3
Slovakia€ 15,004-5
Slovenia€ 15,004-5
Spain€ 17,503-4
Sweden€ 22,503-4
Switzerland€ 30,004-5
Taiwan€ 80,003-4
Turkey€ 80,001-3
Ukraine€ 30,003-4
United Kingdom€ 15,002-3
Vietnam€ 65,004-5
Shipping & Returns

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