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ProductDimensionsMaterialHardness (Shore A)CertificationStockFrom price
O-ring cord 7.5mm NBR 70 O-ring Black x 7.5Nitrile NBR-Buna79€ 0,91 icon
O-ring cord 9mm NBR 70 - ORS174858 O-ring Black x 9Nitrile NBR-Buna28€ 1,18 icon
O-ring cord 8mm NBR 70 - ORS174843 O-ring Black x 8Nitrile NBR-Buna15€ 0,91 icon
O-ring cord 10mm NBR 70 - ORS174859 O-ring Black x 10Nitrile NBR-Buna35€ 1,53 icon
O-ring cord 11mm NBR 70 - ORS174844 O-ring Black x 11Nitrile NBR-Buna20€ 1,71 icon
O-ring cord 12mm NBR 70 - ORS174860 O-ring Black x 12Nitrile NBR-Buna12€ 2,- icon
O-ring cord 2 O-ring Black x 2.5Nitrile NBR-Buna275€ 0,21 icon
O-ring cord 13mm NBR 70 - ORS174861 O-ring Black x 13Nitrile NBR-Buna20€ 2,58 icon
O-ring cord 1.78mm NBR 70 O-ring Black x 1.78Nitrile NBR-Buna-25€ 0,21 icon
O-ring cord 14mm NBR 70 - ORS174862 O-ring Black x 14Nitrile NBR-Buna5€ 3,08 icon
O-ring cord 2.62mm NBR 70 O-ring Black x 2.62Nitrile NBR-Buna-25€ 0,23 icon
O-ring cord 15mm NBR 70 - ORS174863 O-ring Black x 15Nitrile NBR-Buna24€ 3,26 icon
O-ring cord 1.5mm NBR 70 O-ring Black x 1.5Nitrile NBR-Buna-25€ 0,23 icon
O-ring cord 16mm NBR 70 - ORS174864 O-ring Black x 16Nitrile NBR-Buna5€ 3,80 icon
O-ring cord 3mm NBR 70 - ORS174849 O-ring Black x 3Nitrile NBR-Buna75€ 0,27 icon
O-ring cord 18mm NBR 70 - ORS174865 O-ring Black x 18Nitrile NBR-Buna8€ 4,79 icon
O-ring cord 3.5mm NBR 70 O-ring Black x 3.5Nitrile NBR-Buna-25€ 0,31 icon
O-ring cord 20mm NBR 70 - ORS174866 O-ring Black x 20Nitrile NBR-Buna7€ 5,74 icon
O-ring cord 3.2 NBR 70 O-ring Black x 3.2Nitrile NBR-Buna150€ 0,33 icon
O-ring cord 25mm NBR 70 - ORS174867 O-ring Black x 25Nitrile NBR-Buna1€ 9,30 icon
O-ring cord 5mm NBR 70 - ORS174852 O-ring Black x 5Nitrile NBR-Buna190€ 0,50 icon
O-ring cord 30mm NBR 70 - ORS174868 O-ring Black x 30Nitrile NBR-Buna13€ 17,83 icon
X-Cord 1.78mm NBR 70 - ORS174837 O-ring Black x 1.78Nitrile NBR-Buna358€ 2,27 icon
O-ring cord 5.5mm NBR 70 O-ring Black x 5.5Nitrile NBR-Buna80€ 0,62 icon
X-Cord 2.62mm NBR 70 - ORS174838 O-ring Black x 2.62Nitrile NBR-Buna-3€ 2,69 icon
O-ring cord 5 O-ring Black x 5.7Nitrile NBR-Buna90€ 0,64 icon
X-Cord 3.53mm NBR 70 O-ring Black x 3.53Nitrile NBR-Buna-5€ 3,31 icon
O-ring cord 6mm NBR 70 - ORS174855 O-ring Black x 6Nitrile NBR-Buna80€ 0,68 icon
X-Cord 5.33 NBR 70 O-ring Black x 5.33Nitrile NBR-Buna-3€ 3,97 icon
O-ring cord 7mm NBR 70 - ORS174856 O-ring Black x 7Nitrile NBR-Buna-10€ 0,76 icon
X-Cord 6.99 NBR 70 O-ring Black x 6.99Nitrile NBR-Buna-2€ 5,37 icon
O-ring cord 8 O-ring Black x 8.5Nitrile NBR-Buna43€ 1,10 icon