O-Ring Surface treatments

Eur-O-Rings offers a variety of O-ring surface treatments for various application needs. These external treatments can be in the form of dry or wet coatings or dips. Surface treatments are used for numerous reasons, the most common are friction reduction, ease of installation and contrasting color (for easier identification). Application specifics and O-ring polymer type dictate which of the coatings/treatments are best suited for you. For help determining which treatment to use in your application, contact us.

Surface coating can make the difference between a smooth-running machine and frequent repairs. Damage to O-Rings can bring machinery to a halt and that means a loss of productivity and reduced profits. Increase the life of vital parts by adding surface coating... it’s a simple solution to what can be a very complicated problem.


  • Reduces installation force
  • Color identification
  • Wear life can be increased
  • Can reduce and/ or prevent damage from automated equipment

Coating functions

Whether the automotive or packaging industry, medical technology or mechanical engineering: Technical coatings are used in almost every industry. They give components and products the desired properties and thus increase their benefits. Eur-O-Rings provides solutions for the functionalization of all surfaces. With many years of experience, we apply coatings for tribological applications, non-stick coatings, corrosion protection in chemical apparatus engineering, electrical insulation, shielding, static discharge capacity in combination with splinter protection and elastic wear protection.

In addition, hydrophilic effects, aseptic surfaces, an increase in echogenicity or the adaptation of hue and haptics are needed. What do you need? We look forward to your request and together we'll find the best solution for you.

Overviews of all Functions:

  • Non-stick coatings
  • Anti-slip- and traction
  • Chemical protection
  • Electrically conductive
  • Electrically insulating
  • Noise reduction
  • Glass splinter protection
  • Bonded coatings & dry lubrication
  • Hydrophilic
  • Corrosion protection
  • Screw lock
  • Wear protection
  • Individual coating solutions

O-Ring Coating Matrix

Coating Dry or Wet Adhesion Colorable Automated Feeding Performance Installation Force Reduction Longevity of Use
PTFE Dry Good Yes Very Good Very Good Fair
Parkerslick Dry Very Good Yes Very Good Very Good Good
Silicone Dip Dry N/A No Good Fair Poor
McLube Dry N/A No Very Good Very Good Poor
Mineral Oil Wet N/A No Poor Good Poor
Molykote Dry N/A No Fair Good Poor
Silicone Oil Wet N/A No Poor Good Poor

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