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FFKM - 75 Shore A - Kalrez 6230

The hardness of these O-rings FFKM is 75 Shore A. The temperature that these O-rings can handle is from -20 °C to +270 °C. These FFKM O-ring are FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved. This means that This O-ring from FFKM is extremely suitable for the food industry. Furthermore, this O-ring has been tested on the USP Class VI. This means that the USP Class VI compounds must be made from ingredients with a clear history of biocompatibility that meets strict requirements for leachates. This O-ring from FFKM has also been tested on the 3A-Sanitary standard. This means that it cannot contaminate food. This O-ring is highly resistant to chemicals. Furthermore, this FFKM O-ring has standard properties. This means that it is resistant to ozone, weather conditions and aging.

The FFKM O-ring is similar to the:

  • Kalrez® 6230
  • Chemraz® SD625
  • Evolast® N7FD
  • Polymax P260B8FDA
  • Polymax P230W7USP