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FFKM - 90 Shore A - Kalrez 3018/2085

This FFKM O-ring has a hardness of 90 Shore A. This FFKM O-ring can be used at temperatures from -30 °C to +240 °C. This O-ring FFKM therefore also has the property that it can be used well at low temperatures. Also, FFKM O-ring has the property that it is good against chemicals. Furthermore, this FFKM O-ring has standard properties. This means that it is resistant to ozone, weather conditions and aging.

This FFKM O-ring is comparable to the:

  • Chemraz® 510/600
  • Kalrez® 3018/2085
  • Perlast® G90A
  • Isolast® J9509
  • Evolast® N994