Army & Defence Industry

Army and defense industry:

In the aerospace, army & defence Industry electronics play an important role with missions. These things mean a lot when it comes to failing or succeeding a mission it is crucial to protect them from damage. Usually damage comes with exposure to contaminants. Think about dust, dirt, water and other elements. Sealing products like sealing hardware and switch boots can prevent these contaminants from penetrating to the internal components.

Seals are also used to create an airtight or watertight seal around enclosure openings to prevent contaminants from coming in. The most used applications for these protective products are used as:

  • Seals around doors, windows and hatches
  • Safeguarding personal protective and commination equipment
  • Protection for interior engine compartments and mechanical systems
  • Vibrations mounts for electronic displays
  • Protecting covers for electronic components


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