Automotive industry

Automotive industry:

In the market of automobiles O-rings are an essential to keep oils and fluids in the right place. If the rubber seals would not be there their could be a leak and this could cause problems with the vehicle. O-rings stocks is providing a wide range of seals made for the automotive industry.

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Sealing solutions for the Automotive industry

Mobility is changing and the Automotive segment of Sealing Technologies is moving with it. As a Freudenberg Approved Partner, the products we offer are already at the top of the market in industrial technology thanks to quality and our service segments. Our expertise now positions us to offer innovative and cutting edge products. These new products, ranging from fuel cell components to EMI-shielding plastics, will help shape the future adoption of propulsion system development, ranging from passenger cars to trucks and buses.

Passenger car

As a partner of Freudenberg, a market leader in the technology, quality and service segments of the automotive industry, we offer a varied product portfolio to all major car and commercial vehicle manufacturers worldwide. This portfolio includes a wide range of seals, ranging from our frictionless dynamic seals (Levitex), to static sealing solutions that are suitable for even the toughest conditions.

As battery, fuel cell, charging hybrid technology emerges, so does the growth of our product offering. To meet the demands of these new systems, Sealing Technologies is now primed and ready to support solutions for any sealing problem. The electrification of the vehicle creates potential needs for shielding against electromagnetic interference and pressure management. For this we now offer a wide range of EMI-shielding plastics and DIAvent respectively.

All of this is made possible by our groundbreaking research, absolute perfection in manufacturing and outstanding customer service. We look forward to what we can create together.


Truck & Buses

We are a supplier to all major car manufacturers worldwide. Whether our contribution is an individual, standard engine seal or a parts system designed to meet a particular requirement, you will always receive the highest level of quality parts and extensive expertise. In addition to longevity, efficiency and TCO, the relevant issues for commercial vehicles are the varying requirements between regions, especially compared to passenger cars, and exhaust gas treatment to reduce nitrogen oxides. In collaboration with our supplier Freudenberg, our Sealing Technologies team is ready to help you with the implementation – even if your requirements are unique!



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