Medical Industry

Medical industry:

Rubber O-rings are used a lot for sealing applications, they are easy to customize and their sustainable. The medical industry has more and more tough applications for devices which means devices and parts need to be stronger and being able to handle harsh environments. 

Medical O-rings are usually used for important applications. A few examples are respiratory equipment, drug delivery devices, fluid transfer devise, pumps and more. Because these applications are really important they cannot fail, they need to have the right O-ring size to work correctly. At this exact moment there are a few things that are important the materials that are used the most are: EPDM is the biggest on in the importance of the chemical rings.

Medical O-rings are made and tested to make sure the seals can be used as a medical supply. Because medical seals come in contact with the human body, the O-rings need to tested on biocompatibility. This means that the O-rings do not react to other materials but only to the human body.

To be sure the O-rings are useful and can be used as medical tool, there must be done some tests. The USP test and the ISO 10993 need to be done. Materials for medical grade O-rings are selected to turned into an medical supply.

Techniparts chooses the materials that have strong chemical resistance, great heat resistance and a low permeability to gas. This makes the O-rings used in the medical industry safe and durable for any medical application.

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