Power & Energy Industry

Power and energy industry

Because of the varied demands posed by the power industry there is need to apply the correct seal, design and materials. O-ring stocks can help you find the correct sealing for the power & energy industry.

Sealing solutions for the entire energy value chain

Wind turbines, solar and hydroelectric power stations, fuel cells, battery systems and switchgear. These are just a few energy applications that rely on technological innovations from Sealing Technologies. By partnering with customers around the world, we develop unique material and product solutions that solve tough industrial challenges and pave the way for a sustainable energy future.

Wind Turbine Seals and Accumulators

Sealing solutions for power generation

The world is warming and the demand for renewable energy is increasing. As a result: Energy resources are no longer centralized and energy systems must evolve to meet new operational challenges.

Wind energy is an example of this. By installing new, stronger wind turbines at existing locations, companies can produce more megawatts of sustainable power. Wind energy is also increasing at sea as more powerful, more efficient wind turbines are installed. The reliability of these remarkable behemoths depends on components that operate continuously under extreme environmental conditions. Sealing technologies' sealing solutions are tailor-made to meet unique system requirements. Based on the company's unparalleled material and product expertise, for wind operators around the world.


Sealing solutions for energy transmission and distribution

When the power goes out, modern life comes to a standstill. Still, brownouts and blackouts are becoming more common. One reason for this: As the demand for electricity increases, the infrastructure that supplies it grows older. In some industrialized countries, the transformers and switchgear that make up the electrical grid date back to the middle of the last century, they are not designed to handle fluctuating energy from renewable sources. A system upgrade based on innovative products and materials is required.

Due to the increasing use of electric vehicles, the load fluctuations are likely to increase in the future. Smart Grid technology with combined capabilities will help meet energy needs in the future.

Changing standards also play a role. SF6 gas, a common substance historically used to insulate transformers and switchgear, is being phased out in favor of more environmentally friendly technology, including Nitrogen, CO2 or Green Gas for Grid (G3). These options require new sealing solutions.

Sealing solutions for energy storage

As power generation increases to meet growing global demand, energy storage systems become crucial. Think, for example, of solar cells that produce electricity during the day to charge electric vehicles at night. A Smart Grid requires powerful energy storage options such as redox flow batteries and lithium-ion battery storage to support such capabilities. As links and buffers, they balance fluctuating energy production against fluctuating consumption and build a safe and reliable energy network.

In addition to batteries, other innovative forms of energy storage and conversion are starting to emerge and our experts are ready to work with the customer on their development. Green hydrogen, for example, which is produced by electrolysis by splitting water using electricity, is now building a bridge to E-Mobility. Fuel cells powered by hydrogen are already powering some city buses and long-haul trucks, and in the aviation industry, scientists and engineers are collaborating on the requirements to use green jet fuel.



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