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O-Ring-Stocks has Europe's biggest stock in High-Quality FFKM O-rings.

All of our FFKM O-rings are of the highest quality of compounds and are tested according to the highest standards by the most accredited Testing and Research centers in Europe.
We can guarantee premium quality FFPM o-rings that are minimum Equal in quality to Kalrez®.
Our biggest advantage is that we have the biggest range of standard compounds and special compounds available in stock in high quantities in a huge range of sizes. Whatever FFPM O-ring you are looking for, we have it on stock.

What is an FFKM O-ring?

O-rings from FFKM are materials that can be most stressed chemically and thermally. Some O-ring types of FFKM can handle temperatures of +300 °C. The resistance of the FFKM O-ring to chemicals is almost universal and comparable to that of an Oring PTFE. The advantage of the O ring fkm is the difference that it can be used both chemically and thermally.

Operating temperature:
• -15 °C to +270 °C.
• Available with special qualities: -40 °C to +340 °C.

FFKM Orings are highly resistant to:
• Almost all chemicals
• Ozone, weather conditions, aging

FFKM O rings are not very resistant to:
• Fluorinated compounds

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