O-rings for Maritime Industry

O-rings for Maritime Industry

In the Maritime Industry there are a lot different applications that are usable for the sealing technology. Sealings from high quality are critical, think about high engine efficiency, reduced smoke and gas emissions, short maintenance runs. Ships need to sail and need propulsion to do so. Because of the seals the water does not come into the ships, it also keeps the essential lubricants in. The requirements for performance and reliability are even higher at sea than on land. This suits the technological competence of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies just fine. Read everything from the O-rings for Maritime Industry below.

Today, around 15,000 large merchant vessels, cruise liners and icebreakers set sail with seals from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. We provide complete solutions for drive and steering systems (e.g. engines, thrusters, rudder systems, stabilizers, and more) from a single source and put together sealing packages that are optimally matched in terms of materials and functionality. In many cases, customer-specific special solutions in special sealing materials and large dimensions are needed.

O-rings for Maritime Industry

Extremely long maintenance intervals are essential for the economically efficient operation of “floating buildings”. This is where Freudenberg products stand out due to their durability and first-class quality, for more than forty years. O-ring Stocks has an wide product range for seals that can be used for pumps, compressors and associated with the marine and shipping industry.

On the picture below you can see what happen when you use a not approved seal for something where it was required.

O-rings for Aviation & Aerospace industry


What does Norsok M710 mean?

The Norsok M710 certificate shows that products have been tested for critical conditions such as: elastomer seals, but also for gas systems and permanent underwater use. This certificate also tests for handling sour gas, rapid gas decompression and explosive decompression. Norsok M710 is a safety standard developed for this industry. It covers a wide range of topics, including the design of offshore installations, the safe operation of equipment, and the management of health and safety risks. Norsok M710 is based on international standards such as ISO and API. It is updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest advances in safety technology. Norsok M710 is widely used in the oil and gas industry. It is recognized by regulators and insurance companies as a reliable source of safety information. That is what this certificate is good for. You can find O rings with this certificate here.


O-rings for Marine Industry


What does AED mean?

The abbreviation means written out in full, Anti-Explosive Decompression. The name actually says a lot, the approval indicates that the seals are intended against exploding in a machine such as a car engine. In a car, a small explosion always takes place in the cylinder while driving, this causes the cylinder to move up and down and this causes you to get out of your place. In most machines this does not work differently, certain explosions often take place here before the machine works. If you have seals that do not have this approval, they will leak in no time and tear or break completely. 

Explosive Decompression Resistant Elastomers | Precision Polymer Engi       


Where can I find O rings for the Maritime Industry?

We have a lot of different O-rings for the Maritime Industry on our site here


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