O-Rings for Food and Drink Industry

O-Rings for Food and Drink Industry

When you work in the Food and Drink Industry, you make products that are consumed by customers. That is why it is very important to pay close attention to hygiene, but you also do not want the production of your products to come to a standstill, as a result of which the durability of the O-rings often plays a role. Read more about the O-Rings for Food and Drink Industry below.

Because the Food and Drink Industry is all about what people eat and drink, there are high demands on O-rings. The O-rings must have a high degree of purity and meet the legal requirements. To keep it clear to everyone when an O-ring meets these legal requirements, certificates have been devised for the food and drink industry. As a producer in this industry, you know that an O-ring with such a certificate meets all legal requirements within this industry and can therefore be safely used in the production of the products. Because not all countries have the same legal requirements when it comes to this industry, there are different certificates. The 2 most commonly used are the FDA and EC1935/2004. In addition, there are also other certificates such as the Chinese GB 4806 and the GB 9685.

O-Rings for Food and Drink Industry

Sealing solutions in the food and drink processing industry resist a range of challenges. Seals going to have to meet regulatory requirements, while improving productivity. The seals must be compatible with different food types and ingredients, such as fats, oils and acids. With addition, hygienic design and resistance to cleaning media are top priorities.
O-Ring Stocks offers one of the widest ranges of products and materials specific to the food and drink processing sector. 


What does FDA mean?

FDA is a certificate issued by the Food and Drug Administration. This is an agency of the United States federal government. When an O-ring has this certification, this means that it has been approved by this agency to be used in the production for foods and drinks. One of the duties of the Food and Drug Administration is to ensure the quality and safety of food and drink and its production.

For example, the O-rings must meet the following requirements to be FDA worthy:

• Preventive Controls Rules for Human and Animal Food.
• Produce Safety Rule.
• Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) Rule.
• Accredited Third Party Certification.
• Sanitary Transportation Rule.
• Intentional Adulteration Rule.
• Complying with FSMA.


FDA Certification


What is a EC1935/2004 certificate?

In addition to FDA, there is also a European certificate for the food and drink industry. This certificate was established by the European Parliament and has been in use since 2004. Before this many countries in Europe had their own rules which was very inconvenient. Behind this certificate is the same idea as with the FDA Certificate. However, an EC1935/2004 O-ring meets all requirements set from Europe, where a FDA O-ring meets all requirements set in America





To choose the right sealing materials for use in direct contact with the products has to be made carefully. The materials are required to fulfil the multiple requirements. The seal material must comply with all applicable legal regulations and should at a minimum conform to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) CFR §177.2600, EG 1935/2004, and EU 2002/72/EG, depending on where the machinery is to be used. We can offer O-rings with a FDA or EC1935/2994 Certification in different matrials. The most commely used matrial is VMQ-MVQ-Silicone. But beside VMQ we also offer Food Grade O-rings in PTFE-Teflon and EPDM. Our FEP Encapsuleted O-rings are also FDA Approved 


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