O-Rings for Mining and Off-Shore Industry

O-Rings for Mining and Off-Shore Industry

The mining industry deals with the extraction of precious minerals and other geological materials. The extracted materials are converted into a mineralized form that is economically beneficial to the prospector or miner. Typical activities of the mining industry are metal production, metal investment and metal trading. The offshore industry is moving at an accelerated pace to adopt new technology, driven by increasing global demand for hydrocarbon energy sources and tight budget requirements for projects. The fast pace requires new employees to understand complex problems in less time. Such text has inherent value because engineers and support staff can understand complex problems more quickly and more thoroughly to help project teams approach them more productively. Of course, the text will help experienced engineers catch some problems that may have come up when they were familiar with more traditional engineering projects over the years. Read more about O-Rings for Mining and Off-Shore Industry below!

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The Mining Industry is a very dangerous working environment. The Mining equipments are instruments that are commonly used in extraction of minerals from the earth either above or below the ground. With the introduction of automation and modernization, today's mining world enjoys the benefits of many types of mining equipment that are used specially for mining purposes. Modern day mining equipment is powered mainly by electricity and hydraulic energy. This specifically applies to pumps and pumping systems of all configurations for all aspects of water drainage and treatments. The choice and use of the right pump is very essential for increased productivity and the choice of component parts such as Single Spring Mechanical Seals is essential to maintain pump reliability. O-Ring Stocks offer the broadest and most extensive range of standard replacement and Mechanical Seals for most pump variants and including surface as well as submersible pumps.


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What does Norsok M710 mean?

The Norsok M710 certificatie shows that products have been tested for critical conditions such as: elastomer seals, but also for gas systems and permanent underwarer use. This certificatie also test for handling sour gas, rapid gas decompression and explosive decompression. Norsok M710 is a safety standard developed for the Mining and Off-Shore Industry. It covers a wide range of topics, inlcuding the design of offshore installations, the safe operation of equipment, and the management of health and safety risks. Norsok M170 is based on international standards such as ISO and API. It is updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest advances in safety technology. Norsok M710 is widely used in the Mining & Off-Shore Industry. It is recognized ny regulators and insurance companies as a reliable source of safety information. That is what this certificate is good for. You can find O-rings with this certificate here.

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What does AED mean?

The abbreviation means written out in full, Anti-Explosive Decompression. The name actually says a lot, the approval indicates that the seals are intended against exploding in a machine such as a car engine. In a car, a small explosion always takes place in the cylinder while driving, this causes the cylinder to move up and down and this causes you to get out of your place. In most machines this does not work differently, certain explosions often take place here before the machine works. If you have seals that do not have this approval, they will leak in no time and tear or break completely. 

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Where can I find O rings for the Mining and Off-Shore industry?

We have a lot of different O-rings for Mining and Off-Shore Industry on our site here! 


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