O-rings for Army & Defence Industry

O-rings for Army & Defence Industry

In the Army & Defence Industry electronics play an important role with missions. These things mean a lot when it comes to failing or succeeding a mission it is crucial to protect them from damage. Usually damage comes with exposure to contaminants O-rings for Army & Defence Industry. Think about dust, dirt, water and other elements. Sealing products like sealing hardware and switch boots can prevent these contaminants from penetrating to the internal components. Read more about O-rings for Army & Defence Industry below.

O-rings for Army & Defence Industry

The seals used for Aviation are vital. If a seal fails or tears during a flight at a height of a few kilometers, this can cause a life-threatening situation. For this reason, the seals must be of the best possible quality and must not be damaged.

We can recommend the most appropriate elastomer materials, O-rings for Army & Defence Industryon the following applications:

  • Large Civilian Aircraft
  • Small Civilian Aircraft/ Military Aircraft
  • Helicopters
  • Gun Systems
  • Ships


O-rings for Army & Defence Industry are also used to create an airtight or watertight seal around enclosure openings to prevent contaminants from coming in. The most used applications for these protective products are used as:

  • Seals around doors, windows and hatches
  • Safeguarding personal protective and commination equipment
  • Protection for interior engine compartments and mechanical systems
  • Vibrations mounts for electronic displays
  • Protecting covers for electronic components



What quality marks/certificates do we have for the Army & Defence industry?


ISO 9001.2015

What the ISO 9001.2015 certification means is a process where third certification body assesses organization to determine whether or not it sufficiently demonstrates conformanceto there quirementsof the standards. The worldwide standard that sets requirements for a strong Quality Management System. It details specific processes, procedures and activities that organizations must create, implement, maintain and improve in order to successfully manage makin products or delivering services.

Pondera ISO-9001 gecertificeerd - Pondera


ISO 14001.2015

ISO 14001.2015 is ideally suited for organizations that want to give attention to environmental aspects a permanent place in their business operations. In short, with an ISO 14001 system you send a signal to those around you that you really take the environment seriously. Moreover, with the ISO 14001 certificate you make it demonstrable.

Haitsma Beton ISO 14001:2015 gecertificeerd! - Haitsma Beton


OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001 covers the whole of policy making, implementation, monitoring and improvement. The organization itself determines the objectives and measures based on the health, safety and risks hazards. Compliance with laws and regulations is an integral part of this. OHSAS is based on all activities and processes and their occupational health and safety and risks hazards (including psychosocial workload) for all employees. According to OHSAS 18001, a safety management system must be based on an Occupational Health and Safety Policy.


OHSAS 18001


AS 9120

AS 9120 is a standard quality management system with requirements and is used at all levels of the supply chain by organisations around the world. The use of AS 9120 results in improved quality, cost, and delivery performance through the reduction or elimination of organisation-unique requirements, effective implementation of the quality management system, and wider application of good practice. While primarily developed for the aviation and space industry

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Where can i find O rings for the Army & Defence industry?

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