O-rings for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

O-rings for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry are very relevant to each other. Although both Industries are close to each other, they are completely different. The Pharmaceutical Industry is more about the production of medicines but also about innovating and inventing new medicines. The Medical industry is more about healthcare, like a hospital. Two different industries with one clear goal: 'Making people better!'  Read more about O-rings for Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry below.

Because the Medical- and Pharmaceutical industries are concerned with human lives, very high demands are made on the O-rings used in this industry. For this, there are various certificates that the O-rings must have before they are used. The certificates guarantee certain properties that the O-rings have, so that they can be used safely without endangering the people who are being helped. there are several certificates that are used within this industry. The most commanly used certification in this industry is the USP Class VI.


Sealing solutions are a realy critical element in almost all the industrial applications, but even more in serving the medical and pharmaceutical industries. OEMs of medical devices have the added responsibilities of ensuring that their products surpass minimal requirements, offering quality and assurance when it comes to the risk of cross-contamination and the nature of medical environments.


What is the USP Class VI Certification?

USP Class VI Certified O-rings are O-rings which are often used in the Medical Industry or in the Pharmaceutical Industry. The standards for this certificate come from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). They have created these standards to ensure the quality of both medicines and healthcare, thereby promoting public health. When an O-ring has this certification you know the O-rings are safe to use in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry. For example, the rubber is tested on living tissue so that the effect and emissive substances can be recorded, just as it is tested for temperature, toxicity and exposure. This prevent the O-rings from causing damage to the health of the people who come into contact with them.

USP Class VI Certified


Where can I find O rings for the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry?

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