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FFKM - 90 Shore A - NORSOK M710

The hardness of this FFKM O-ring is 90 Shore A. The temperatures that this O-ring can handle is from -15 °C to +260 °C (+280 °C). This O-ring is AED (Anti Explosion Decompression) applicable. This means that the FFKM O-ring does not break during an explosion. The O-ring also has a NORSOK M710 certificate. This standard defines the requirements for critical non-metallic (polymer) sealing, seat and back up materials for permanent use subsea, including good completion, control systems, and valves. The standard also applies to topside valves in critical gas systems. This FFKM O-ring is very resistant to chemicals. Furthermore, this FFKM O-ring has standard properties. This means that it is resistant to ozone, weather conditions and aging.

This FFKM O-ring is comparable to the:

  • Chemraz® 526
  • Isolast® J9510
  • Perlast® G90D
  • Evolast® N9ED
  • Kalrez® 0090
  • Polymax P230B9AEDN