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VMQ - MVQ - Sillicone - O-Rings - 80 Shore A

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O-Ring 148.82x3.53 - VMQ - MVQ - Silicone - 80 Shore A - Red - ORS131421
O-ring 148.82 mm x 3.53 mm Red Silicone - VMQ - MVQ 80 Shore A FDA 1873   € 6,49 Details
O-Ring 72.4x5.33 - VMQ - MVQ - Silicone - 80 Shore A - Red - ORS131420
O-ring 72.4 mm x 5.33 mm Red Silicone - VMQ - MVQ 80 Shore A FDA 648   € 4,57 Details
O-Ring 11.89x1.98 - VMQ - MVQ - Silicone - 80 Shore A - Red - ORS131419
O-ring 11.89 mm x 1.98 mm Red Silicone - VMQ - MVQ 80 Shore A FDA 50113   € 0,38 Details
O-ring 5.28x1.78 - VMQ - MVQ - Silicone - 80 Shore A - Red - ORS50161
O-ring 5.28 mm x 1.78 mm Red Silicone - VMQ - MVQ 80 Shore A FDA 4818   € 0,19 Details


VMQ 80 Shore A - Red

The hardness of this VMQ (Vinyl Methyl Silicone) O-ring is 80 Shore A. This VMQ O-Ring - 80 Shore A can handle temperatures from -60 °C to +200 °C. You can achieve +230 °C with special qualities. The color of the VMQ O-ring is red.

The VMQ O-ring has a good resistant to:

  • Water (max 100 °C)
  • Ozone, weather conditions & aging
  • Vegetable and animal oils and fat
  • Aliphatic engine and gear oils

The VMQ O-ring is not resistant to:

  • Aromatic minerals oils
  • Steam over +120 °C
  • Silicone oils and greases
  • Fuels
  • Acids & alkalis


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What is VMQ Silicone (Polymethyl-Vinyl-Siloxanes)?

Dow Corning (a collaboration between Dow Chemicals and Corning Glass Company) was the first to produce silicone rubber. A few years later in 1947 General Electric also started the production of silicone rubber. They patented their production method. VMQ O-rings are a group of elastomeric materials made from silicones, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. As a group, silicones have poor tensile strength, tear-resistance, and abrasion resistance. Special compounds have been developed with exceptional resistance to heat and pressure changes. High-strength compounds have also been made, but their strength is not comparable to conventional rubber.

What is VMQ Silicone O-rings used for?

  • Medical industry
  • Farmaceutical industry
  • Food industry

The advantages of an O ring from VMQ Silicone:

  • It has a temperature working range from -40 °C to +200 °C
  • Even at high temperatures, its characteristics won’t be affected
  • Resistant to bacteria and fungi
  • Excellent resistance to chemical fluids

The disadvantages of an O-ring from VMQ Silicone:

  • Low resistance against mineral oils
  • Not resistant to (aromatic) hydrocarbon, based fuels, and strong acids and alkalis
  • It’s known for its mechanical weakness
  • Sensitive to shear forces and therefore not suitable for dynamic or rotary closure application