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O-ring 331x3.53 - HNBR - 70 Shore A - Black - ORS188009

O-ring 331x3.53 - HNBR - 70 Shore A - Black - ORS188009
ID (inner diameter) 331 mm
CS (Cross Section) 3.53 mm
Material HNBR
Hardness 70 Shore A
Color Green
Item no. 188009
Approval None
Color Green
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Product number 188009
Alternative namesHydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
Chemical NameHydrogenated nitrile rubber
Description 2O-ring HNBR - 331x3.53
Product nameO-ring 331x3.53
Size in textthree hundred and thirty one zero by three comma fifty three
Trade namesViton® - Du Pont - 3M - Solvay - Daikin
Alternative Size
DIN 3771 Size Chart331 x 3.53
SMS 1586 Size chart331x3.53
Core Spec's
CS (Cross Section)3.53 mm
Hardness70 Shore A
ID (inner diameter)331 mm
Temperature Max150 ºC
Temperature Min-25 ºC
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This HNBR O-Ring is 331 x 3.53mm and in the color Green. The Hardness of this O-ring 331x3.53 - HNBR - 70 Shore A - Black - ORS188009 is 70 Shore A.The alternative names of the compound are Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber and they are mostly produced by Viton® - Du Pont - 3M - Solvay - Daikin. The O-ring is commonly used in and has an operating temperature range from -25 ºC to 150 ºC. O-rings 1235201 are indicated as 188009 and have a DIN 3771 Size of 331 x 3.53. This item is equal to and has an None Approval. The chemical name of this Oring is Hydrogenated nitrile rubber.

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